Blue Economy

Blue Economy Strategic Development Plan -

Macomb County has traditionally been a national leader in water related businesses and is known for it’s nearly 32 miles of Lake St. Clair coastline and the Clinton River with its many tributaries. Our blue waters provide us in Macomb with a unique opportunity to expand our economy and increase our quality of life.

Under the direction of The Macomb County’s Executive, Mark Hackel, a new initiative is underway to celebrate the many aspects that are blue2known as the “Blue Economy”. With over 50 active marinas, a world class recreational boating and fishing industry, and numerous public and private access points providing many other ways to enjoy the water Macomb County has a large opportunity to harness and leverage the opportunity that is our Blue Economy.

Macomb County Department of Planning & Economic Development is playing a big role in expanding our understanding of this Blue Economy by developing sensible land and water planning programs and projects to create sustainable outcomes that continue to celebrate our freshwater assets and grow them in a manner that can be experienced for generations to come. With so few places on the Earth that have the abundance of these usable water features, the Blue Economy initiative is designed around three integrated key areas are becoming the focus to realize our fullest potential to have a healthy and sustainable place; they are as follows:

blue4A) Economic Development: Develop and foster the types of Economic Development that are reliant on these water assets and create a key Targeted Industry Sector that recognizes both our current business activities and assistance in creating more opportunities that utilize water technology, adaptive, and recreational water uses. This is also a key part of our strategy to diversifying our local economy in a post-industrial climate in the Great Lakes Region.
B) Environmental Stewardship: By continuing in the many recent improvements blue3in our local natural environment, the Blue Economy is working to review and implement even greater environmental programs that will assist in the continued improvement and recovery of these assets. Clean water is very key to this Region’s future success.
C) Quality of Life: Macomb County looks to fully embrace it’s attractive and appealing locales by enhancing the Quality of Life aspects for Macomb County’s residents, employers, and visitors by more educating and branding our offerings.

blue5As we continue to utilize and develop our Blue Economy infrastructure there are already several key stakeholders at work. To learn more about the Blue Economy or to find out how to get involved, see below for some of these greatorganizations in Macomb County:

Nautical Mile Merchants Association: A place for all seasons, the Nautical Mile offers attractions, entertainment, dining, shopping, sports, recreation and special events throughout the year! By land, the Nautical Mile is close to I-94, I-75 and I-696; by water you can reach the Nautical Mile from anywhere on the Great Lakes! One of the most unique destinations in Michigan!
Metro Parks

The Huron-Clinton Metropolitan Authority, a regional park system created in 1940 by the citizens of Southeast Michigan, provides excellent blue6recreational and educational opportunities while serving as stewards of its natural resources. Our efforts
are guided by the belief that the use of parks and exposure to natural environments enhance society’s health and quality of life.

Clinton River Watershed Council

Protecting, enhancing and celebrating the Clinton River, its watershed and Lake St. Clair.

Lake St. Clair Tourism Initiative

The Lake St. Clair Tourism Initiative is a public/private, non-profit association created to increase awareness, protect and develop the rich and diverse assets on and around this fresh water community.